YK11 Review: The Most Powerful SARM?

YK11 SARM is making waves in the bodybuilding world for its ability to amass great physical gains and thereby induce mental confidence. YK11 SARM reviews reveal YK11 has only been on the market since 2011 after being introduced by a Japanese researcher who has been the sole researcher to date aside from scientific in-vitro cellular studies. Living trials have yet to be done.

Despite the lack of research, this drug has become widely popular with the weight-lifting community, particularly because it is a SARM that produces no side effects yet fast muscle growth results.

It has such potency that there are those who have the belief that it should be labeled more as a steroid than a SARM as it offers a more discriminating effect towards androgen receptors, where most SARMs work directly via androgen receptors not showing any qualities that are selective.

In order for YK11 to be placed in the proper category, more definitive research would need to be conducted.

What Is YK11?

In the cellular testing that was completed on the YK11 compound, it was determined that it has the capability to significantly grow muscle by way of increasing follistatin which encourages muscle building. YK11 blocks myostatin from being able to perform its duty.

Myostatin is a protein that decreases the amount of muscle growth within the body. With it being blocked and follistatin being increased, muscles have the ability to increase in size greatly.

YK11 is able to promote bone health by stimulating protein for strong bone building. Those who are involved in bodybuilding can attest that YK11 has incredible fat burning effects with the muscle gains, all with no adverse effects.


YK11 Benefits

There are numerous benefits to the YK11 SARM such as the lack of side effects making it, unlike any anabolic steroids.

The compound’s mechanism only targets certain cells taking away the potential for side effects that would normally be associated with various SARMs, anabolic steroids, or human growth hormones. YK11 SARM reviews noted a few of the benefits that you can expect while using YK11 include:

  • Muscle growth. Muscle growth is enhanced at a greater capacity without water retention or the typical side effects that would coincide with that.
  • Muscle hardening. A hardening effect is given with an increase in levels of density and fullness of the muscles.
  • Follistatin is increased significantly with myostatin being blocked by the YK11 to decrease the chances of muscle growth prevention.
  • Increases in strength, overall endurance, recovery times, and energy levels while taking YK11.
  • Fat loss. Encourages fat burning replaced by rapid gains in lean, solid muscle mass.
  • Side effects. It is generally free of side effects for most of its users.

Proper YK11 Dosage

YK11 SARM has not had living trials to see what effects long-term use at higher doses will have caused some to recommend that it be taken for a shorter duration in smaller doses.

Otherwise, it is suggested that 5 mg per day is a good dose, to begin with for those who are new to the drug. A smaller dose than that may cause you to not see any results. For anyone who has experience using SARMs, 10-20 mg could be tolerated with more ease. For a proper YK11 cycle, you would take it for no more than 4-8 weeks.

At 10 mg a majority of users are going to see muscle growth rapidly. As is the case with any supplement or medication, the higher dosage increases the likelihood that you will experience adverse side effects.

For any regimen, you want to first consult with your healthcare provider in order that they can follow you throughout your cycling to maintain a healthy course for you. If you notice any type of serious or chronic effects developing, you should stop the drug immediately.

For women who choose to take YK11, the optimum dosage would be 0.5-2 mg with a YK11 cycle of 4-8 weeks. Women are choosing this SARM as a safe alternative due to a lesser likelihood for virilization or any kind of other dangerous side effects.

There is little information available regarding the half-life of YK11 with the exception that it is remarkably short and it is recommended that it should be dosed out multiple times each day in order to have the best results.

YK11 dosage

YK11 Results

When you take YK11, you can anticipate seeing a significant increase in muscle growth along with major muscle gains, and the length of time for the muscle growth to take place is decreased with YK11.

The results of YK11 are going to be considered ‘dry growth’ as YK11 does not induce water retention, so muscle mass that is gained is solid muscle.

Aside from this lean, solid muscle gain, you can expect there to be fat burning as YK11 makes the body’s fat-storing capabilities difficult which will result in a physique that has much more definition for you. Combining this with the increase in muscle mass, a significantly greater number of calories are going to be burned off which leads to major fat burning.

Stamina will be optimally elevated allowing you to perform an increased number of repetitions which will, in turn, enhance muscle growth. You will experience increased energy levels, improved mood, and overall better health in addition to well being with your YK11 results.

YK11 results

YK11 SARM Reviews Online

Most users had positive experiences with YK11 SARM with no mention of adverse side effects. There were massive gains experienced with one particular user having a 5.2-pound muscle mass gain and a 3% fat loss after a cycle of six weeks.

There were significant increases in strength allowing weight to be added above what the normal limits were at one time. This user didn’t stay on track with diet and exercise but feels had he, he would have experienced even more incredible results. His recommendation is that each person in the weight-lifting industry uses YK11.

The amazing thing with this particular user’s results is that he stuck with the minimum dose suggested of 5 mg for the entire six weeks and had these major gains within that time frame.

YK11 Before And After

Beware that many of these before and after pictures for SARMs that are posted online are fake. Even if it is a very real, powerful SARM do not expect to turn into a terminator after a few weeks.

Similarly, with other SARMs, a majority of the YK11 before and after pictures that you will find are fake. You won’t see massive 10-pound gains following one week of YK11. What you will be able to show after a week is a visibly bigger appearance. This is with a work out regimen being performed each week along with a strict diet. Some feel this isn’t going to last but then the results keep coming in.

By the time the fourth week has come and gone with continued effort and the same regimen, there is an increase each day in strength level which results in adding weight more so than you’ve ever been able to carry.

With week eight being completed, you’ve gone above and beyond the gains in your YK11 before and after that you were hoping to accomplish and reached levels with your physique that most users can only hope to achieve.

YK11 Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

SARMs won’t have the same effect on the production of testosterone as that of anabolic steroids, so the possibility of the LH or luteinizing hormone to be affected is greatly reduced.

SARMs still have the potential to suppress testosterone production and if there is no PCT, it will take a longer period of time for the body to recover post cycling. It is also going to be more difficult to maintain the gains as well as keep the fat away. PCT is going to allow you to keep what you have worked for a lot longer.

There is a lot left to still be learned about YK11, but the post cycle therapy recommendations for YK11 are similar to most other SARMs and involves taking  Nolvadex (tamoxifen) along with Clomid (clomifene).

Where To Get YK11 For Sale?

When you are trying to find out who has YK11 for sale, you want to find a SARMs vendor who has a lab certificate indicating there has been third-party testing for purity.

You want to have a reputable supplier who will give you a good product and proper dosing. There are three trusted companies that you should consider as to where to buy YK11 in pure form:

  1. Science.Bio

This company sells pure YK11 along with all the other versions of major SARMs. They offer free shipping on products in the USA. Their lab testing results are made public and their average level of purity is 99%.

  1. SARMs4You

YK-11 is also available from Sarm 4 You. They are based in Europe, so if you live in the EU then they are the perfect source of 100% pure SARMs because you shouldn’t have any problems with customs as they are posted from within the EU. Although they are based in Europe, you can get global shipping, which is free on orders over $130, making them an option wherever you are.

The purity is guaranteed. If you want evidence, with independent lab test reports available on request. They sell all the main types of SARMs at great prices, both in powder and capsule form.

UPDATE: SARMs4YOU has been ceased operations since July.

YK11 capsules

  1. SwissChems

They offer pure YK11 with free shipping as well. They also post their lab testing results publicly and their products are testing by a third-party.

YK11 SARM reviews reveal users are reporting massive gains with bulking and cutting cycling within a 4-8 week timeframe with YK11 having little to no side effects. Despite these promising effects, more research trials are still pending to determine its safety and effective.